At a recent show in Paris the pop star, David Guetta, was forced to flee the stage in embarrassment when at the start of his show he hit the play button on the wrong track.

Instead of hearing Guetta’s usual pop-house hits, fans were inadvertently treated to a personal self help CD that had been prescribed to Guetta for treatment of crippling chorophobia – the irrational fear of dancing.

Guetta took to Twitter to release the following statement: “To all my fans, I’m sorry that you had to find out that I have been pre-recording sets and not playing live.”

“Please understand that this is not due to lack of talent or laziness but because of this crippling phobia, for which I am seeking professional help, as was heard when I accidentally hit play on my coping CD.”

The EDM star claimed that the condition developed in childhood following a dancing accident at a school talent show which left the performer “acutely embarrassed” and a “confirmed bed wetter.”

The pop star went on to further say that ordinarily he doesn’t “even look at the crowd. I’ll just twiddle some knobs on the mixing desk thingy. When I do have to look up to the crowd I’ll close my eyes as if enjoying myself, or I’ll let my golden locks dangle in front of my eyes so I don’t see people dancing.”

“Ironically with no-one dancing it probably would have been one of my shows that I would have actually enjoyed.”

  • Laurenzo Moore


    • Paul Madley

      The CAPS LOCK is the key on the left, above shift.

  • Paul Madley

    I want this to be true. Even if it’s not, I’m going to refer to this as if it were 100% true.

  • Patric Bayer

    Although David Guetta is a very bad DJ, this is f*cking FAKE! He never wrote anything like that on Twitter, you should be ashamed to post uber crap like this!
    David should sue your page and company, till you all are in jail, you character assassins!!

    • ROZZ™

      i agree with you

    • Vinnie Bonar

      I’m not sure if everyone in this comment section is trolling or just retarded. The article is a joke, obviously as a DJ he doesn’t have a fear of dancing. Jesus.

      • Paul Hannon

        He got no fear of cheese, that’s for sure!

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  • Cristian Carvajal

    What is the event where he makes this fake shit??

  • Cristian Carvajal

    the lastest Shows where David Guetta Made his Sets are Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre & Stade Velodrome d’Arcachon (Search on … Now if some pleople tell me Where are some Video to probe this Fake, please

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  • ROZZ™

    please don’t be stupid and believe everything you read.

    poor David Guetta. he doesn’t deserve all this hate. check his track record before you judge him. he headlined one of the best paris nightclubs for years before he became famous, and is an amazing re-mixer and producer. and he has managed to bring dance music to where it’s never been accepted before. he is a trailblazer.

    maybe he has ‘faked it’ on occasion. but i don’t think he got to where he is by ‘faking it’.

    it’s scary to see how people can spew so much hate, just because they are jealous of one person’s success. i know DJs who work with him and they say he spins live. if you read the comments section of this article, hoardes of envious people go off on guetta. how sad to see such jealousy. it’s all sour grapes.

    • Cristian Carvajal

      Please, go back to your Vynils

    • Modis Chrisha

      thanks for your comment…

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  • Mike Long

    I guess some people just dont understand satire, I find that quite sad. :(

  • Tony

    No talent thats what i say…who does pre-recorded sets!…
    and the real dj’s are jobless…WTF

  • H.L. Le Chatelier

    “a personal self help CD that had been prescribed to Guetta for treatment of crippling chorophobia – the irrational fear of dancing” –> Am I the only one who thinks this would be better than most of his actual music? I could totally imagine something like that being used as a vocal sample in the early nineties.

  • DigAndMe

    Mas estupido que creer esta noticia, es desmentirla!!! quien puede creer q guetta sea tan honesto? si así fuera no haria lo que hace…

    PS: everyone should speak spanish!

  • Hannah Davies

    Amazing how many people are incapable of recognising a satirical website when they see one, or finding the disclaimer page if unsure…

  • Mui Chau

    Everyone thinks your site is full of sht.

    • Mikey

      They are correct!

  • Jim Davis

    Lol. Last time I saw this many people take a satirical article seriously was the one about Technics being bought out by Native Instruments and ceasing production of the 1200’s.

  • Mikey

    Guetta is too far too old for all of this now, he has no business being a dj. He’ll be getting Stairlifts up into the DJ box soon! Best thing to do is wrap him up in bubblewrap or a giant condom and put him into storage. Nuff said!

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