Dutch DJ Hardwell has been banned from competing in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll after it emerged that there were some irregularities with the votes being cast in support of the DJ.

Hardwell, pictured above not wearing make-up or photoshopped in any way, apparently had been illegally harvesting votes by clandestinely recruiting a team of programmers to clone IP and email addresses for the purposes of casting multiple fraudulent votes.

Investigators from DJ Mag who are looking into the reports of rigging claimed that “this is a very serious allegation. Although the magazine poll isn’t an accurate measure of a performer’s skill as a DJ it has an important commercial aspect for EDM performers.”

“Our suspicions were aroused when we came across a number of unusually titled email addresses and cloned IP addresses used to cast votes for Hardwell. We tracked the source of the scam to the hidden basement of a property in Mumbai believed to be owned by Hardwell where the DJ had forcefully recruited a family of programmers to work around the clock casting votes with promises of merchandise, image makeovers and DJ lessons.”

“The programmers were able to clone IP addresses from users around the globe to hide their tracks. When we noticed a lot of votes being cast from IPs across the Middle East and North Africa we felt they warranted investigation as dance music doesn’t really have a foothold in those places.”

“We only became suspicious when we noticed that the email addresses began showing a pattern – the addresses were in the names of dead or defunct 90s commercial dance acts and tracks. For example, we received 500 votes from a variety of combinations of icantstopraving@gmail.com using different email providers and spellings.”

It also emerged that the programmers were using the names of rival DJs derogatorily in some of the email addresses they were making up and voting with, some examples of which are “skrillexiscoreyfeldman@gmail.com” or “davidguettawetsthebed@yahoo.com”.

One of the programmers, broke his silence to claim that for payment they were promised Hardwell merchandise like stickers, mugs and t-shirts as well as help from Hardwell in creating their own electro house music, “he said he’d hire the same ghost writer who writes his music.”

Hardwell claimed in a brief statement that he’d fight the allegations and prove that he doesn’t need to cheat to win the arbitrary popularity contest.



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  1. Ishan Remedios

    Dude u jus made me lose all the respect i had for u mate !! …. Anyways Ur music IS AMAZING ! atleast u wont cheat at that lik Mr.Guetta for example …. ! But wat a pity !! …. Now get ur head in the game !

  2. Wayne Reed

    I smell BS Please any one reading this what for it to be told by these in the new ie Hardwell and Dj Top Mag. There are alot of trolls about in this kind of music so please do not hate him until we know the facts.

    • Wayne Reed

      I smell BS Please anyone reading this wait for it to be told by these in the know ie Hardwell and Dj Top Mag. There are alot of trolls about in this kind of music so please do not hate him until we know the facts.*

  3. Martin Andersson

    The whole game is rigged, DJmag is no exeption, for these guys its all about the money and shelling out say $10 000 is peanuts if they in return win, corruption dwelves on all leves of civilisation, if you understand these facts youre naive.

    I stopped follow DJmag about 10 years when the game was true and legit

    Nowaday, Noooo WAY!

    But if you win Djmag much follows like radioshows, gigs abroud, allot of exposure in media and internet so people with the means will ALWAYS CHEAT!

    Its the same like sports and steroids!

    • David Wilkes

      Jesus fucking Christ. Some of you people had a sense of humour lobotomy? If you think this is in any way serious, then you need your sheeple brains examined. It’s called ‘satire’. Basically, it’s a tongue in cheek take on things, realised, and wonderfully written. I found the article hilarious, which is what you imbeciles that took it so hilariously serious should’ve done.
      Unbelievable Jeff!!

      P.S Hardwell is shit. That is my own opinion.

  4. Ian Kee

    Conjuring fake/troll articles to generate hits and traffic onto your site. How original.

    Would you now allow your poor excuse of a site to disintegrate, and then proceed to erase yourselves from existence.

  5. DJdre Zand

    The hacking of the site off Hardwell could be the reason this happend during the weekend???

    De kaping van DNS-verkeer raakte Nederlandse websites die daardoor besmet leken te zijn met malware. De sites zelf waren dat niet en ook waren ze niet offline. Ze waren alleen ontoegankelijk op basis van hun domeinnamen. Dit gebeurde voor webwinkels als Conrad en Champagnekopen.nl, nieuwssites als Mediacourant.nl en het Nederlands Dagblad, naast de sites van vakbond CNV en de Nederlandse DJ Hardwell.

  6. Mui Chau

    This site is full of lies, and you know it. Hardwell cheating? Please. You should’ve seen how many people had voted for Hardwell on Facebook. There was HARDWELL #1 everywhere. This site is full of shit. Creators should take it down because NO ONE BELIEVES YOU.

  7. Bipin Mathew

    ohh my goddd. i seriously laughed my ass offf, reading this. damm, whoever wrote this should consider writing stories.

  8. Mihir Kansagra

    Technically I can report this article or even this website to ic3 for fraud and misleading news.
    😀 Hardwell is banned? Fans would kill the guy or the girl who wrote this article.

  9. M16

    fuck u wunderground talking shit about HARDWELL I mean get a life and I watched a documentary on hardwell “I am HARDWELL” stop being such FUCKING CUNTS just becoz your jealous of him doesn’t mean u cant talk SHIT and the documentary actually showed hardwell producing his music not some ghost person doing it for! him!! FUK U MAKE THE WORLD SICK FOR WAT U POSTED U CUNT!!!
    just support him instead of making BS lies about him!! STOP!! acting 12 and act ur age
    like, dude come on his number on in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………

  10. M16

    and revealed would disagree with this article coz they are the ones who have him the labal and watch (IN PERSON) him produce is music!! so back the FUK OFF

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