Breaking news today has revealed that Steve Aoki has held a life long grudge against wheelchair users.

The news comes in the wake of Aoki’s performance in Toronto last weekend where he pulled off his trademark move of throwing a cake into the audience. Since the show the pop star’s left arm has come under much scrutiny after the cake hit a wheelchair bound kid directly in the face. Watch the video here.

Aoki, pictured above ruthlessly picking out his helpless target, answered questions after the show. “I seen that kid and he was about eighty feet away so I knew the distance wasn’t a problem. I knew that if I got the right elevation I was gonna hit him and I did, what a great shot!”

Aoki was said to be fuming after having his foot run over by a wheelchair user at a mall the day before his show. “I got a broken toe because some maniac in a wheelchair wasn’t looking where she was going. And to make it even worse I showed up for the gig and had to park at the very back of the lot. Then I walked all the way to the entrance and there’s 3 empty spaces I can’t use! It’s discrimination against superstars, I should be allowed park wherever the hell I want!”

This isn’t the first time Aoki has had a beef with wheelchair users, in 1998 he was arrested for a misdemeanor after being caught slashing the tires of twelve wheelchairs in a medical supplies showroom. Aoki beat the charge by claiming he had suffered traumatic stress after falling victim to bullying by a wheelchair gang in high school.

Steve commented on his controversial relationship with wheelchairs, “I don’t know what it is with me and wheelchairs, they’ve been haunting me my whole life. My last girlfriend left me for some dork in a wheelchair. He’s not rich, he’s not famous, he can’t even function as a man but she still chose him, the bitch,” cried the exasperated pop star. “Then there was the wheelchair cat burglar who broke into our house when I was a kid and robbed all my dolls. He never made a sound.”

“Not to mention the years of torment I went through in high school,” continued Steve, “even thinking about it now brings back horrible memories. They never physically hurt me, they’d just circle me and chant, ‘Aoki, Aoki the big fat poki!’ I still hear that in my head every time I see a wheelchair,” sobbed the DJ.

Pulling himself together Aoki insisted that, “it was a revenge attack and to be honest I’d do it again tomorrow if I got the chance. I don’t care if people in wheelchairs hate me for saying that, as far as I’m concerned they’re already my enemies!”



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  1. Ciara Durkan

    What a prick of a man if that was a person who was able bodied would he decide that they were all his enemies? ?? A close minded person a reck of a dj he is a disgrace! ! Im a super star I should b able to park where even I want . . . Get over ur self mate ur over rate urself in ur own head u should b taken to court fir many reasons!! Its people like u that should be shunned from society as you are no role model for young people spreading discrimination like that get over urself il burst ur big f*cking bubble get a reality check and god for bit a person close to you ends up in a wheel chair through no fault of their own we will c if ur opinion changes u make me sick!!!! Time u f*cked off from the public eye with your warped opinions pitty u dobt get both ur legs broken for suck a horrible and disrespectful act to human kind !!!

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