30 Year Old Man Using The Term “On Fleek” Has No Idea What It Means

On Fleek 30 Year Old London Doncaster England Wunderground Insurance

Breaking news this morning has revealed that a thirty year old man who frequently uses the term “on fleek” has absolutely no idea what it means.

Steven Anderson, an insurance salesman from Doncaster, England, but living in London, has reportedly been using the phrase at random intervals, often leaving anyone under the age of twenty five involved in the conversation severely confused.

“I can never tell what Steven is talking about,” claimed Amanda, a twenty two year old colleague of Mr Anderson. “It’s already hard enough to understand his stupid northern accent but, even when you can tell what he’s saying, none of it seems to make any sense. Last week he claimed that getting paid the minimum wage was on fleek for a young person. What does that even mean? I can’t even.”

According to the Urban Dictionary, “on fleek” means the quality of being perfect or looking on point at all times. However, according to Mr Anderson, the term is much broader than that and can be used in “practically any situation”.

“I really love the phrase ‘on fleek’,” confirmed Mr Anderson recently. “I like the fact that it doesn’t really mean anything, it just sounds kind of cool and silly at the same time. It’s a bit like the words ‘bespoke’ and ‘artisan’ because nobody really used them up until quite recently and most of the people who say them don’t have any idea what they mean. They’re probably the most on fleek words around at the moment.”

“The best thing about ‘on fleek’ is that you can pretty much use it in any situation,” continued Anderson. “I’ll be at home having dinner and I’ll say to my wife ‘those mashed potatoes taste so on fleek’ and, because she’s not as cool or on fleek as me, she’ll look at me like I’ve got three heads, and ask me what the fuck I’m talking about. Then I’ll have to tell her she’s just not on fleek with modern youth culture. Honestly, sometimes she’s so out of touch it’s embarrassing, so on fleek.”

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30 Year Old Man Using The Term “On Fleek” Has No Idea What It Means

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