Avicii Cancels Comeback Album – Calls It His Greatest Ever Work

Avicii cornrows for life

Serial Swedish quitter Avicii has announced that he has scrapped his comeback album, scheduled for release later this year, and claimed that it is his greatest ever work.

According to sources, Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, is delighted with the album and believes it will be seen as a seminal moment in his career.

“2016 was a massive year for me,” explained Bergling during a chat with Wunderground earlier today. “I cancelled tours, pulled the plug on numerous collaborations and ultimately announced my retirement from the music industry, it’s really hard to know where to go from there so whatever was next for me really had to be something big, I’m pretty confident I’ve achieved that with this album.”

“I really wanted to top my retirement so some sort of comeback felt like the natural thing to do,” continued Bergling, best known for ruining people’s plans by pulling out of shows. “Originally I planned a comeback tour but, after much thought, I decided that, when I inevitably cancelled it, it would just be a bit too obvious so, in the end, I decided that a comeback album was the way to go.”

“I knew that I could create a lot of hype around an Avicii comeback album, people have been wondering what I’ve been doping since I retired and if I tell them I’ve been working on an album they’ll naturally get excited about it, so I decided to get into the studio and start making plans to record, and then completely pull the plug on, my third album.”

“Now that I’ve executed the plan I can definitely say that this is my greatest ever work,” claimed Bergling. “The music on the album, that no one will ever hear, is nothing special, it’s just as shit as my other two albums, but this is definitely the best cancellation I’ve ever been involved in. Not only have I disappointed people who were looking forward to hearing what I’ve been working on but I’ve also disappointed people who were looking forward to me being active on the scene again, it’s a double-edged sword affecting both fans and industry people alike, I love it.”

Sources close to Avicii claim he will now invest his energy into trying to find Sweden’s newest EDM talent, train them in his mould and eventually pull the plug on their career just before it takes off.

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Avicii Cancels Comeback Album – Calls It His Greatest Ever Work

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