Bicep lads get mural in their honor in West Belfast

Bicep To Get Mural In West Belfast

Belfast’s finest export since The Titanic, Bicep, have been awarded the city’s greatest honour, their very own mural in West Belfast. Normally associated with sectarianism...

David Zowie where is he now

David Zowie: Where Are They Now?

David Zowie’s track House Every Weekend took the clubbing world by storm back in 2015, DJs in clubs, disco bars and pubs all over the...

DJ snake on a plane

DJ Snake On A Plane

In breaking news, United Airlines have reportedly issued a “blue alert” after DJ Snake was spotted on a plane. According to witnesses, the French DJ...

Dax J comes out of hiding to play Hideout festival

Dax J To Headline Hideout Festival

Former Berlin based DJ, Dax J has been announced as a surprise headliner for this summer’s Hideout Festival in Croatia. Mr J, who now spends...

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