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We Want You (Maybe)

Being the online voice of reason in dance music is hard work. Being a smart ass is hard enough work on its own, without having to write it all down and publish it as well. And thats why we want you. We have received loads of great submissions over the years so we know the talent is out there, now we want more.

What we’re looking for

Clever little bastards that like to party, or love electronic music. Or something like that. We’re looking for people who love the electronic music scene and have an intricate understanding of the culture. You’ll have ideas on what you want to write about and you’ll be able to execute those ideas well.

Before we forget. You need be funny and being able to spell is always a plus.

What we’re not looking for

Self promoters beware, if you are only here to sneak your product, clubnight or name into a story, we will find you and we will kill you.

But seriously, once you can write well and you are funny, you will be fine.

Show me the money

Hold on there cowboy! We have roles to fill for regular paid contract writers, and we’re hoping that you might fill one of those roles, but you’ll need to contribute a minimum of 5 stories before we can consider it. We find writers can be very enthusiastic at the start and then go missing after the novelty wears off, so we need to weed out those guys before we start jumping people in gangland style. Contributions are accepted but we are very strict with what we run.

Once you have had 5 pieces published and we have a working relationship, we are more than happy to talk about a writing contract.

write for us - wunderground


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we kick things off?

Easy peasy. Fill in the contributor application form below and we’ll come back to you quite soon afterwards.

How long should my articles be?

Between 150-400 words, but we aren’t really that fussy. Say what you need to say and do it as best you can in the funniest manner possible. After that, who cares?


Are you looking for any other contributors other than writers?

Yep, we are looking to work with any like minded people at present. General funny bastards are high on our list, whether you write, do video, design… whatever it is! We only run original content, so we’re always looking for people to get involved. If you are not funny, but still talented, we’ll forgive you and teach you to be funny with alcohol.


Application Form

Write For Wunderground

  • Please give us 4 suggested headlines you would like to see on Wunderground.
  • Please pick your favourite of the 4 headlines above and write a small sample here. Suggested word count of 100 to 400 words.
  • If you have links to any other previous writing works of any nature at all, please supply links here.


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