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DJ Playing 91-93 classic Jungle Set Since November Admits He May Run Out Of Classics “Soon”

DJ Playing 91-93 classic Jungle Set Since November Admits He May Run Out Of Classics “Soon”

Old School Jungle

Long time Jungle DJ Anthony Manley, aka DJ Knucklefunk, of Newark, Lincolnshire, who has been playing a ‘91 – 93 “classics” set since August 1993, has finally admitted he might start to run out of classics “any time now.”

Wunderground caught up with Knucklefunk at Coventry’s world famous club The Eclipse in Coventry to find out about his marathon session.

“Yeah mate, yeah. It’s goin’ off in here! Mental mate. Mental! I actually think the club officially shut down in September ’93 but come October the crowd were still ‘avin it so I decided to carry on givin’ it to ‘em!” screamed Mr Manley as a vein with the vascularity of a fire hose began surfacing upon his temple.

“I’m getting a bit worried now though as I’ve done all my early Metalheadz, both crates of Reinforced and all my fucking pingers,” bellowed Manley over the U-Boat like hum of a sub that had been running for the best part of two decades.

“Most of the crowd now look about twenty five now too, Which is a bit weird because I was about that age at the start of the set. Dunno if there’s some new faces in here. To be fair it’s a bit hard to tell due to the fact they are all dressed in identical black tracksuits with beards longer than Richard Chamberlain’s in Shogun but I would guess most of the crowd are young anyway.”

“Aside from shit Youtube rips and the odd Swamp81 show they probably haven’t got a fucking clue when any of this stuff came out in the first place so I might try and sneak in a couple of those new Zomby bits and hope for the best,” continued Mr. Manley, the sweat currently pooled on his brow now so old it had started to breed macro fauna.

“It was all wicked vibes at the start but I proper need a piss now. I’ve had three halves of Mild! I had to ring the wifey and ask her to record the sound of some cookware being thrown down the stairs earlier just to pad the set out whilst I skinned up.”

“If I can manage to slip Fools Gold by The Stone Roses in that’ll give me a solid nine minutes to make it to the toilets. I’m proper coming up, I need a come-up poo… You ‘avin a good night though yeh?”

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At this point we lost Mr Manley for a good couple of hours as his jaw began to grind like a fourteen year-old to a copy of Kelis’ chart topping anthem Milkshake in a school disco circa 2003.

He then suddenly snapped back into the party and, after ensuring we were “avin’ a good night yeh?” left us with his final thoughts:

“I’ma junglist at heart me, always will be. Love it mate. Love it, but it’s getting a bit much now, The needles on these decks definitely need switching, a couple of the punters have started to resemble used jay cloths in both form and smell and most of my vinyl are looking more fucked than Source Direct. You ‘avin a good night though yeh?”

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