DJ Who Continuously Tagged People In Links To His Mixes Found Beaten To Death

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A local DJ who continuously tagged people in links to his mixes on Facebook has been found savagely beaten to death.

Paul Chambers, a.k.a. Chambers of Horrors, was found by a member of the public in a ditch approximately five miles north of his home town Runcorn, England.

According to the Cheshire Police, Mr. Chambers had been beaten to death with a blunt object and was found completely naked with a number of names and the words “how do you like it?” etched into his skin.

“It was a really grizzly scene, one of the worst I’ve seen in my time on the force and I’ve been working homicide for almost twenty five years now,” claimed Detective Miles Bradshaw earlier today. “The poor bastard came to a pretty grim end. I can’t say I feel sorry for him though, I hate it when people tag me in posts that have nothing to do with me on Facebook.”

Officers have confirmed that Mr Chambers’s death is being treated as suspicious and they are following a definite line of enquiry.

“Well, we have quite a number of suspects in this case,” confirmed Detective Bradshaw. “All you have to do is look at his Facebook posts, on the last one there were seventy people who claimed they would kill, murder or annihilate him if he didn’t stop tagging them on his mixes. At the moment we’re treating everyone as suspicious and not ruling out the option of multiple perpetrators.”

Wunderground also spoke to Steven Morris, a Facebook friend of Mr Chambers’, “For the record I didn’t kill the cunt. Although I will admit, I did think about. He was always tagging me in links to his mixes. I hardly even knew the lad, he was a casual clubbing acquaintance at best so I was really surprised when he started to do it. I was constantly getting notification to do with his mixes, it was really annoying.”

“No one deserves what Paul got, but the prick had it coming. He should have known better than to be doing that shit. His mixes weren’t even that good, I’m convinced he was using sync.”

According to Police reports, Mr Chambers’s murder is the fifteenth “tagging related” homicide this year.

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      1. I agree, get off social media if you can’t handle it, he did not rape or kill someone did he…and the officer says well he kinda deserved it, Really. Well you can’t buy common sense and these people are far more screwed up than Chambers, they freaking killed someone, buy a clue people, eh!!!!!

  1. A deserved end to a seriously bad crime! I myself did it once (tagging) and felt dirty for weeks afterwards.
    It’s not big, and it certainly ain’t clever. Don’t do it people!

  2. i really cant get my head around why so many people asking if this is real…! are you serious, WTF of course its not! common sense really isnt common is it

DJ Who Continuously Tagged People In Links To His Mixes Found Beaten To Death

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