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Man Uses Lockdown To Finally Get To Know His Kids

Man Uses Lockdown To Finally Get To Know His Kids

A 37 year old man from Derby has decided to use the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to finally “step-up” as a parent.

“I’m ready to be a good dad,” Said local bricklayer, Mark Smith. “It’s nothing to do with the fact the government is forcing me to stay in with my kids, I really want to be hands-on and am ready for the challenge”.

When asked why it’s taken until now to want to spend time with Stevie (7), Amy (5) and “the little one” (age unknown), Mark opened up emotionally about the exhausting life of a working dad. 

“It’s really fuckin’ difficult” he told us. 

“I work silly long hours; starting at 8:30, finishing at 3, except on Tuesdays when I finish at 2 to go and play five-a side, and Fridays when I’m in the pub by 12. 

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“After working my tits off I like to have a bit of me-time in the pub. Between the working and the drinking, I’ve also got to squeeze in five or six trips to Coral, pick up a cheeky livener, go to another pub, kebab shop, grab some tins from the offy, and home to scroll Facebook and Instagram for a few hours. It’s non-fucking stop.”

On completion of day three of lockdown, Wunderground contacted Mark for an update –  “this is fuckin’ shit, they don’t shut up and I miss the football”.

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