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Spotify Sets Up Food Bank For Artists Instead Of Paying Them A Bigger Cut

Spotify Sets Up Food Bank For Artists Instead Of Paying Them A Bigger Cut

Music streaming service Spotify has announced plans to open up a food donation service for artists who need financial support.

The Swedish tech giant calls this “the latest show of solidarity between themselves and the musicians they support” after they had recently introduced an ‘Artist Fundraising Pack’, which includes a donation page that allows listeners to donate money to artists.

The press release stated: “We will add a ‘sandwich icon’ to every artist’s bio page, where listeners can choose to buy their artist a sandwich with their choice of two fillings, and have it delivered to their door from a local vendor.”

Although the company is forecast to generate $2 billion in revenue for the third quarter of 2020, the company clarifies that it won’t be contributing towards the cost of food preparation and delivery from fan to artist, but will match any sandwich donation made with an additional packet of crisps and carton of juice.

Wayne McEllen, lead singer of California Lo-fi band The Pistol Whips, welcomes the prospect of a fresh sandwich being to delivered to his door from one of his fans, but is critical of Spotify’s lack of action on addressing how much artists can make from them: 

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“Don’t get me wrong, I like a New York sub as much as the next guy,” McEllen said. “But sandwiches won’t pay my rent. I mean, right now I do work part-time in a sandwich bar to help pay my rent, but I wouldn’t need to if Spotify’s business model was a little fairer on guys like us who actually create for their platform’s content!”

Spotify continues to be scrutinised over its share of profits that an artist receives, which reportedly average at around $0.0032 per stream. Criticisms have not yet prompted the streaming service to increase the slice of earnings for musicians, with an extra slice of sandwich seeming to be the most likely increase in compensation.

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