Woman Hopes To Someday Be As Happy As She Appears On Instagram

Rachael Patterson, a twenty-four-year-old, recently sat down with Wunderground to discuss her life’s aspiration of being as happy as she appears on Instagram.

“If you scroll through my Instagram my life looks pretty much perfect. I just posted a whole series of bikini photos from my holiday and sure I really do look amazing, but you don’t see the hundreds of awful photos I had to sift through,” she explained while pulling up a selfie perfectly framed by a stunning sunset over the beach. The caption read ‘#blessed’ but Patterson explained, “I wasn’t feeling blessed at all. My friends had just screamed at me because I forced her to take photos of me all day. I was feeling like a real hashtag-bitch.”

“When I look at my Instagram, I see this healthy, happy woman that I’d like to actually be someday,” she continued indicating several images of her smiling in workout clothes or eating a Kale salad. “In reality,” Patterson confided in Wunderground, “I spend so much time obsessing over captions, like ‘#pumped to start my new exercise routine! #fitnessaddict #neverstopping’, that I miss almost off of my workout classes and that kale salad was disgusting. I ordered it because it looks amazing with the Sierra filter but I needed to order chips immediately after I ate it to get rid of the taste.”

Patterson’s hopes of attaining an Instagram story level of success in life don’t just end with her own feed, claiming she’d also like her relationship with her boyfriend, Rob, to be as loving in real life as it is on Instagram, “We comment cute little things like ‘luv u!’ or ‘xoxo’ on each other’s photos all the time, but I’ve never actually told him I love him in real life. I haven’t even seen him for a week,” Patterson concluded, ignoring a call from Rob so she could take a selfie with our reporter.

“I’m just not sure what’s keeping me from living my best life.” said Patterson not looking up from her phone as she typed the caption “#crushed my #interview!”

“Sorry,” she apologized. “What was the question?”

Our reporter asked her again if she plans to actually do anything to change her life. Patterson didn’t respond since she was too busy scrolling through a friend’s Instagram feed, “See, why can’t I be happy like Becky?” she asked while showing us a picturesque photo of Becky skiing on a mountain. “She really seems to have it all figured out.”

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Woman Hopes To Someday Be As Happy As She Appears On Instagram

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