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World Scrambles To Fight Global Outbreak Of DJ Streams

World Scrambles To Fight Global Outbreak Of DJ Streams

Government leaders around the globe are scrambling again today to fight against the recent pandemic of DJ streams which has been infecting and destroying communities across every continent since March. 

The DJ streams, which have been a feature of everyday life for some years now, took on a new, more-intense strain around the beginning of March 2020 and began to multiply rapidly from there.

Wunderground spoke to Dr. Phil McGraw, a medical expert with a degree in broadcasting annoying fame-chasers, to find out more.

“The virus works by infecting the ego, while the same time ‘boring’ the host victim” said McGraw.

“This person might not even be a DJ, or anyway musically inclined. However, after just ten or fifteen minutes of boredom with their newly infected ego, the ‘DJ’ soon begins bouncing around the house, selecting tunes and posting streaming questions on Facebook.”

“White middle-class males are most susceptible, however women, children, black, white or asian – nobody is safe.”

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“Before long they’re live on air. Streaming a close-up video of just their mid-section or the top of their heads, while ever so slightly swaying backwards and forwards from their spare room on a Tuesday afternoon.”

Governments worldwide are working towards a vaccine, and the advice in the meantime is to stay indoors, wash your hands and hide the decks. 

While there is no cure yet, If you or a loved one begin to show signs of becoming a DJ, heath experts suggest staring at the DJ Mag Top 100 for periods of no more than twenty minutes at a time, until the urge completely disappears.

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