An electronic music producer has this week been attacked by a self proclaimed “proper” musician who claims that “by making his tracks using complicated software that it took him years to master” rather than traditional instruments the electronic music producer “is cheating”.

David Blake, a 24 year old budding guitarist was scathing in his criticism of an acquaintance of his who produces electronic music as well as doing some DJing, Brian Ward. “For me, if you’re not using an instrument then it’s not making music,” said David lambasting electronic music as “piss-easy computer music that a kid with a joystick could make accidentally”.

“There’s no skill or talent involved in it,” he continued. “All it is is sitting at a computer where you source and create sounds which you then arrange and master to form a complex and interesting track that’s both aesthetically and emotionally pleasing….piece of piss.”

David insists that this arduous and complicated approach to making music is a “form of cheating”, claiming that he writes “the sort of terribly basic three chord ditties of a lovelorn teenager” which take about as much time to create as “it takes to move your fingers into three different yet similar shapes” and that that makes him “ten times the musician that any electronic producer is”.

Lambasting all electronic producers and beat making equipment, David listed artists who he considers to be “frauds and not real musicians” because they work using electronic equipment.

“Aphex Twin isn’t a proper musician,” he stated angrily. “It’s all just bleeps and noises. Window Licker, what’s that about? Play it on guitar acoustically and then maybe I’ll consider it a song.”

Reiterating that he thought using a computer to make music was “cheating because the computer does all the work”, David claimed that anyone could learn to master a “simple computer program” whereas a traditional instrument like the guitar sometimes takes a person as long as “ten lessons” to start to get good at it.

“Programs like Reason,” he offered as example. “How long could it possibly take to learn that? A few hours, a rainy afternoon?? It took me four lessons to learn to go from G to C to Em. I bet most of those electronic ‘musicians’ have never even seen a guitar, never mind being able to play a hard barre chord or some scales.”

“No matter what you try to tell me, I’ll never consider it real music,” he concluded. “It’s all just a complicated combination of beats and melodies that sound pleasing to the ear and incite a desire to dance that was made with a computer, which is not real, proper music.”

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  1. Wajih Syed

    Absolute prejudice lol!
    “a few hours” to learn a DAW?? perhaps our dear friend David should spend a “rainy afternoon” or two to learn any digital production software of his choice and another day to complete a track. Talent is not limited to tools but, creativity, discipline, diligence, consistency, and passion.
    Just because a Design engineer designs a product on a computer, which is fabricated by machines, does not make the engineer any less talented or the product any less real.

  2. Andres

    Yeah. And why do the bandpeople play only one instrument at the time. Some of them don’t even know how to handle an other instrument. And this is where a producer comes on top and the stoneage musician pack their things and STFU

    • Robert Kirkpatrick

      bandpeople?? im sorry but i am not agreeing with this guy but it is harder to play an instrument hence a lot of musicians only play one! takes a lot more you need passion and dedication! i play guitar, bass and drums and also am a hiphop producer and currently use reason 5.0! and to say a producer comes out on top is stupid! imagine being at a house party and a guy start freeform jamming the coolest funkiest shit going completely off his own brain! it is proven scientifically that a guitarists brain while playing guitar functions completely different to any one else! when you are making electronic music you are slightly disconnected from the song adding bit by bit sampling a MUSICIANS song chopping cutting up OTHER ARTISTS music! im not backing this guy because i love electronic music but nothing beats live music nothing else can match the pure emotions that run through a musician while they are playing! and yes a dj would have a great buzz but in a different kinda way, like a kinda fuck yeah these people dancing to my beats! where a guitarist for say john fruisiante would cry on stage because he is exploding his soul out through the guitar ya know not even taking notice of the crowd its just a release! sorry for this rant and going by this guy comparing 10 lessons on guitar to one hour on reason he quite clearly does not have a clue about music! fecking idiot so he sounds! i would hit him with a guitar strap him down and make him listen to window licker for a week! or even better come to daddy hahahaha!

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