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Tik-Tok Raver Disappears On A Massive 30-Second Bender

Tik-Tok Raver Disappears On A Massive 30-Second Bender

“We thought we would never see him again!”

The family of popular TiK-Tok raver @technoprick is breathing a sigh of relief this afternoon.

@technoprick showed up alive and well in the kitchen of the family home, having completely disappeared over 30 seconds earlier in the week.

“He was on another one of his benders” a clearly distraught Mrs @technoprick told Wunderground reporters on the scene.

“Ever since he got into this Tik-Tok Techno scene, he has become a right selfish git.”

“One minute he is here, the next minute…. well, the next minute he is back again as the raves are only very short, but who knows where it could lead, you know?”

“No care or consideration for us, his family. Leaving us to sit here, waiting and wondering about him. Where the hell is he? Who is he with? Will we ever see him again?”

“There are only so many times you can ring a person’s phone in 30 seconds before you give up hope.”

“I can’t do this again. It’s tearing the family apart.”

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