All Celebrities Planning Side Careers As DJs

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A shocking statistic from the New York Times has revealed that all celebrities are now planning side careers as DJs.

Celebrities have been steadily swapping their respective professions for a life behind the wheels of steel in recent years, icluding people like Elijah Wood, the weird looking little lad from the Lord of the Rings movies, who traded in acting for DJing.

“Being a DJ is super popular right now,” claimed pop culture expert Frank Granger. “Celebrities are smart people, they know what’s cool and how to make money so it’s no shock to see a huge influx of celebrity DJs. If people like Steve Aoki or Diplo, who obviously suffer from some sore of brain disorder, can do it, it can’t be that hard so I’m sure most celebrities will actually make pretty good DJs.”

According to sources, the number of out of favour celebrities taking up residencies behind the decks could prove fatal for other industries.

“The comeback business is huge,” continued Granger. “And it is completely dependant on desperate celebrities looking to find their way back into the public’s collective heart. If we see washed up celebrities swapping the usual routes back to stardom, things like comeback albums, reunion tours, stints in rehab and reality TV shows, for DJing all of those industries could really suffer.”

Hilton Hotel heiress, Paris Hilton, swapped whatever it was she did before for Djing in 2012, Wunderground spoke to her earlier, “DJing is so hot right now! I love it because I get to stand at the front of the club and look super-hot in front of all the people. All I have to do is press play at the start, do some pouting, twist some knobs and then someone gives me $100K. What’s not to like? I was totally wasting my time with all that other shit I was doing.”

Recent figures show that approximately fifty percent of celebrities have now started DJing or plan to start it this year, with that figure set to grow steadily over the next five years.

Experts are predicting that, by the year 2021, every celebrity in the world will be a DJ, leaving a opportunities in other areas open, such as acting, presenting and being attractive, which should be good news for DJs who are struggling to find work due to growing DJ numbers.

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All Celebrities Planning Side Careers As DJs

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