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10 Tunes To Deprogramme Your Techno-Adled Brain

10 Tunes To Deprogramme Your Techno-Adled Brain

Our first stint over at Germany’s behemoth tech-fest, ‘Time-Warp‘ in Mannheim truly knocked our sweat-drenched socks off and left us struggling for that one final, defiant fist-pump before we crumpled into a pile of techno rashers on the dancefloor.

The following week we found we needed to inject copious amounts of melody and vocals into our recommended daily allowance of tunes to stop the constant rhythmical foot-tapping and head-bopping of Techno-Tourettes that had instilled itself into our bones.

We found these worked a treat:

1. Queens of the Stone Age – Mosquito Song

2. Beta Band – Dogs Got a Bone

3. Stornoway – Zorbing

4. Younger Brother – Ribbon on a Branch

5. Gus Gus – Believe

6. Elyseè – Dans Les Flammes Du Soleil

7. Dauwd – Ikopol

See Also

8. Ryan Davis – Beluga

9. Falko Brocksieper – Frantic Formula

10. Minilogue – Seconds (Max Cooper Remix)

Choon chooser – FOGO

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