Banged Up Abroad Offer Dax J £1 Million To Go Back To Tunisia

Dax J Offered 1 million to star on show

Producers of the popular feel-good TV show Banged Up Abroad have reportedly offered the Berlin-based DJ Dax J a million pounds to return to Tunisia and serve a one-year jail sentence.

Dax was sentenced to one year in prison after being charged with indecency and offending public morality by a Tunisian court as a result of playing a track which contained a sample of the Call to Prayer during a show in a Tunisian club earlier this month.

Wunderground spoke to Mike Warden, executive producer of Banged Up Abroad, “Opportunities like this don’t come around very often,” he told us. “Normally, we try to make celebrities out of ex-cons after they’ve served their sentence but this guy is already relatively famous so it’s an opportunity to make some really compelling TV.”

“Usually, we’ll have our writers make up a lot of interesting and exciting things that happened to our subjects during their time inside to make it a little bit more interesting,” revealed Warden. “Prison is generally a dull and depressing place so we like to spice things up a bit, we feel that with Dax we could probably just let nature take its course.”

“We tried to convince Michaella McCollum, the attractive half of the Peru Two, to sign up but she wasn’t having any of it, she already had an agreement with the Daily Mail,” continued Warden. “We only offered her a hundred grand, we definitely learned from our mistake with Michaela and that’s why we’ve gone all out and offered Dax a cool million, there’s no way we’re going to let another golden opportunity pass us by.”

In related news, Sky One have announced a new Ibiza based prison show, focusing on the lives of British lags locked up on the White Isle for a variety of drug-related offences.

Banged Up Abroad Offer Dax J £1 Million To Go Back To Tunisia

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