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Boiler Room Kicks Out Clubbers For Dancing

Boiler Room Kicks Out Clubbers For Dancing

Boiler Room Berlin has reportedly ejected two male clubbers for what it claims was overly boisterous dancing, something which they claim is not condoned in Boiler Room.

The two friends were reportedly enjoying a set by German-Canadian techno artist Richie Hawtin when the incident is said to have occurred which led to Boiler Room security asking the men to leave claiming they were “like totally ruining the mega chillaxed vibe by looking all up for it and shit”.

“They were fist pumping, smiling and generally looking like they were having a good time, all of which are banned in the Boiler Room bylaws,” claimed a Boiler Room spokesperson. “People who come to Boiler Room are encouraged to trreat the artists performance with jaded derision and only dance by mildly shaking their hips from side to side and wearing an expression which suggests that you are only dancing reluctantly and would rather be somewhere else.”

Reports from witnesses claim that the two lads were “ruining if for everyone” by dancing to the music in a way that was blatantly suggestive of being fun and enjoyable which is “completely not cool”.

“They were right down the back of the room too,” claimed one witness. “I mean, if they were doing it to get on camera then okay, I get that but they were just dancing by themselves like they didn’t care who was watching them. It was well weird and I’m glad they were asked to leave so that me and my girlfriend could get back to making our way behind the DJ so we could pout and look disappointed.”

“Those two guys were dicks,” claimed another witness. “They were dancing next to where I was swaying and kept trying to get me involved with their weird dance moves like stamping their feet and putting their hands in the air. In the end I had to leave where I was but luckily I found a wall to lean against and play on my phone.”

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The two friends, who reportedly traveled to Boiler Room from Manchester, have declined to make a comment but have been told that they are banned from all future Boiler Room events.

“We won’t be having people like that back,” concluded a spokesperson. “The sheer lack of any scoffing cynicism towards the enjoyment of the clubbing experience is shocking and something we simply can’t have at Boiler Room.”

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