Clubbers Excited To Get Refused Entry To New Floor In Berghain

Clubbers all over the world have today been expressing their excitement at the prospect of being refused entry to Berghain’s new floor.

Peter Price, an Irishman who has been refused entry to Berghain on eight separate occasions, claims that he “can’t wait” to queue outside the popular nightclub for two or three hours only to be refused for the ninth time.

“As soon as I heard about the new floor in Berghain I got straight onto the internet and booked myself flights to Berlin,” explained Mr Price. “I’ve been going over there for years now and, I have to say, there isn’t a better place to go clubbing anywhere in the world. The buzz I get from queueing outside Berghain for a few hours, getting refused and then ending up in Watergate or Kater Blau is unlike anything I’ve felt in any other city in the world, it’s amazing.”

“Now that there’s a new floor opening in Berghain, it adds to the suspense, I can’t wait to stand outside and imagine what it’s like,” continued Price. “At this stage, I’ll probably never get in, I’m convinced it’s because of my red hair, but I don’t mind, standing in the queue still counts as being to Berghain and if I don’t get in, I can never be disappointed by it.”

Meanwhile, Englishman Ryan Wallace, who has been inside Berghain, claims he “doesn’t know what all the fuss is about”.

“A new floor? Big fucking deal,” he told us. “I’ve been to Berghain and it’s not all it’s made out to be, you hear all of these rumours about how awesome it is, then, you go and queue up hoping that you’re one of the lucky ones and, if you are, you finally get inside to see it’s just a big nightclub with loud music, the same as all the other ones, only this one has a few gay lads bumming each other dotted around the place.”

“There’s the old saying ‘never meet your heroes’, well getting into Berghain is like meeting one of your heroes, and having them stand in front of you wanking off for about six hours.”

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