“Donald Trump Is A Poo Poo Head” Says 4 Year Old Political Expert

A four year old in Lincoln, Nebraska, has showed his political prowess by claiming that Donald Trump is a ”poo poo head”.

Toddler Anthony Burgess made the claims while watching clips of the Republican presidential candidate talking about how he treated women in the 1990s.

“It’s amazing to see a four year old showing more awareness than a large percentage of the people who are old enough to vote in this country,” claimed political commentator Dave Reilly earlier today. “To be able to come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is a poo poo head after watching a couple of short clips proves that this little guy is in the top five percent of political theorists in America today.”

“I may be jumping the gun a little bit here but I’d say that Anthony is one of the nation’s most intelligent individuals, either that or the majority of Republicans are as stupid as a bag of blind mice eating horse shit of a decaying elephant corpse,” continued Reilly. “Either way it’s not a good sign for the country but isn’t the little fella just cute as hell,”

However, not all of what Anthony said has been so well received after feminist groups all over the country took offence to the four year old saying “girls are icky”.

“How dare that little bastard say girls are icky,” claimed Feminists Are People Too spokesperson Gwen Bleasdale. “He’s nothing but the product of a misogynistic, male oriented hate cult who have nothing better to do than oppress women like me. It’s about time little critters like him were made to pay for these harmful, throw away comments they make.”

Wunderground asked Anthony for a comment but he refused on the grounds that he “had to go potty”.

“Donald Trump Is A Poo Poo Head” Says 4 Year Old Political Expert

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