Lindsey Lohan To Wear Festival Bands On Ankles This Summer “Through Force Of Habit”

Lindsey Lohan To Wear Festival Bands On Ankles This Summer "Through Force Of Habit"

Former child star and now cautionary tale, Lindsay Lohan, has reportedly started wearing festival wristbands on her ankle through “force of habit”.

The ofttimes arrested hellraiser reportedly began the quirky practice of wearing bands on her ankles after attending a recent Skrillex show in Los Angeles – where she unthinkingly brandished her ankle to security instead of her wrist.

“It’s basically muscle memory, like playing the guitar or clitoris, something you just instinctively do after having done it so many times in the past,” claimed consulting psychologist Arnold Tierney, who has been observing unusual celebrity behaviour in Hollywood including such incidents as Hugh Grant with a prostitute, George Michael in the bathroom and Pauly D’s entire career. “A part of Lindsay is so used to having some kind of band around her ankle that she won’t even realise that what she’s doing is strange.”

The origin of the habit has been tracked back to the numerous times in which Lohan has been forced to wear an ankle tracking device while on parole from whatever misdemeanor she was being vilified for – which would be basically considered a normal part of growing up for anyone not her.

Friends say that often Lohan will insist on having a band or a bracelet placed on her ankle because “she’s institutionalized now, like Brooks was. These bracelets are funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on them”.

“She feels kinda exposed and naked without her bracelet on, even if she’s fully naked and wearing the bracelet she’ll feel covered up,” explained a friend. “But once the bracelet comes off she’ll wrap anything around it to feel safe, even if it’s a bracelet made from pieces of old tissue or one drawn on with marker, it helps her.”

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Lindsey Lohan To Wear Festival Bands On Ankles This Summer “Through Force Of Habit”

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