Man Who Made Large Bag Of Mushrooms Disappear Now Thinks He’s Some Sort Of Wizard

A man who made a large bag of mushrooms “disappear” at a house party is reportedly now fully convinced that he is some sort of wizard.

According to other people at the party, the wizard, who the have named Barry Trotter, has been trying to put spells on people and attempting to fly around the kitchen on a sweeping brush.

“That lad ate a lot of mushrooms,” claimed house owner Martin Reed. “I’m not even sure who he is, I think he’s one of my mate’s cousins but he could literally be anyone, even an actual wizard for all I know. He seems fairly harmless and he’s not really annoying anyone so I’ve no plans to kick him out, plus he’s had so many shrooms that kicking him out not would be like releasing a goldfish into the Atlantic Ocean, he wouldn’t last two minutes out there.”

“He’s running around with a toothbrush trying to put spells on people,” continued Martin. “He actually thinks he turned my mate Dave into my cat, it’s hilarious, and one of the lads gave him a bump of ket and told him it was a time slowing potion. He’s actually more entertaining than all of the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies put together.”

“The best bit was when he thought he was controlling the music volume with his mind and the lad on the decks kept turning the master down every time he touched his temple, it’s priceless carry-on.”

Party sources have confirmed that Barry Trotter later had to be restrained as he was attempting to “take off” from the upstairs window on his sweeping brush.

“Fucking hell, he would have been straight out that window if we hadn’t grabbed him,” claimed Mike, twenty-four. “We had to lock him in Martin’s wardrobe and tell him we’d banish him to the outer realm if he did it again.”

Reports suggest that Barry Trotter has spent the last three hours in the wardrobe “laughing his head off” after somebody claimed they had cast a “giggling spell” on him.

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Man Who Made Large Bag Of Mushrooms Disappear Now Thinks He’s Some Sort Of Wizard

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