Man Who Was Told That He ‘Won The Internet’ Still Waiting On His Prize

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A middle-aged man, who claims that he “won the internet” is still waiting for his prize.

“I was on the Facebook account that my daughter set up for me,” explained 44 year old mechanic David Wallace. “My daughter had posted a photo of our family dog, Snarf, and people were commenting on it saying how cute it was and posting pictures of dog’s that were equally, or nearly, as cute. I think someone posted a picture of a cat being kind of sarcastic and independent but no-one responded to it.”

“I had an old picture of Snarf and me when he was just a puppy,” he continued. “He’s lying on my chest and looking into the camera, it’s pretty adorable. So I scanned the photo onto the computer and uploaded it on the comment thread from the first picture.”

“Within seconds there were about twenty likes,” he enthused. “I felt really happy and special that people were responding to the picture in such a big way. They were saying things like ‘Cutest thing ever’ and making that ‘aaaaah’ noise that women make when they see young animals or babies.”

“Eventually the post got something like fifty plus likes and loads of comments,” claimed Mr. Wallace. “I noticed though that one of the comments said that I had ‘just hands down won the internet’ but so far I haven’t been able to claim the money. I’m not even sure if it’s a cash prize or if I win the internet itself. To be honest I don’t even know where I’d put the internet. Maybe it’d look good on the mantel piece, next to the picture of me and Snarf.”

“I didn’t even know the internet was a competition and that’s not why I posted the cute pic but if I’ve won something then I feel I shouldn’t be denied it,” said the exasperated Mr. Wallace. “One of my daughter’s friends said to me ‘welcome to the internet, let me show you around’ but when I took him up on the offer he just laughed. Or ‘loled’, so I don’t know what to do.”

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Man Who Was Told That He ‘Won The Internet’ Still Waiting On His Prize

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