Martin Scorsese To Direct Tomorrowland After Movie

Martin Scorsese directs Tomorrowland

Martin Scorsese has reportedly been hired to direct the after movie of this year’s Tomorrowland Festival in an attempt to alter public opinion of Belgium’s premier EDM event.

Tomorrowland bosses have been heard expressing their concerns about the longevity of their “EDM frat boy image” and are believed to be exploring different options to help make the festival a more rounded dance music experience.

“No one’s really going for the whole EDM thing anymore,” explained Nils Chipperfield, a spokesperson for Tomorrowland. “The people who were into it a few years ago are now too old for it and, naturally, the younger kids coming through are into something slightly different so we’ve been trying to tweak the festival every year to make it a more inclusive event for fans of all different genres.”

“We started off about five years ago by inviting some more respected artists to come and play with us,” continued Chipperfield. “Each year we’ve added more and more and now we feel we have a pretty evenly distributed range of DJs and live acts playing. The only problem is people don’t really know about it and when we see videos of the festival it still looks like a bit of an EDM shitfest, that’s why we’ve hired Martin to direct this year’s after movie, we’re really hoping it can push us a little bit close to where we really want to be.”

Wunderground also caught up with Martin Scorsese earlier this week, “Directing music related films has always been a massive part of the job for me and I’m delighted to be involved with this project,” he told us. “I’ve watched a couple of the after movies from previous years and it’s fair to say this is probably the hardest job I’ve ever undertaken in my career to date, but I’m definitely up for the challenge.”

“I’ve already spoken to Al (Pacino) and Robbie (De Niro) and they’re both really interested in getting involved,” revealed the director. “I’m thinking of maybe having a drug deal gone wrong and some sort of chase scene in it, to make it really edgy. I’m sure I’ll be able to find those things in the festival if I look hard enough.”

According to sources close to Scorsese, he feels that a solid soundtrack is imperative to creating a good after movie and, because of that, he will not be using any music from the festival as he believes “it’s mostly shit”.

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