Medicinal Marijuana Declared “Wonder Drug” After Making Adam Sandler Movie Seem Funny

Angelo Di Grosso, a Californian doctor who has been an influential campaigner in the battle to legalise marijuana over the past decade, has labeled medicinal marijuana a “wonder drug” after noticing that an Adam Sandler movie “actually seemed kind of funny” while he was under its influence.

Di Grosso, a self prescribed marijuana user, noticed the strange phenomenon during one of his hourly treatments against “chronic boredom” and “acute just wanna chill out after work syndrome”.

The doctor, who claims to have seen most of Sandler’s movies before without finding them even remotely funny, hailed the particularly strong strain of Northern Lights he was smoking as “miraculous” after laughing “two or maybe three times” during the course of the movie.

“I’ve witnessed some great things working with medicinal marijuana over the years,” explained the doctor to Wunderground earlier. “I’ve seen people cured from cancer, people suffering from chronic pain have their aches eased and even people with dementia thinking clearly,” he continued,” but I’ve never seen anything as impressive as this. To make an Adam Sandler movie actually seem kind of funny is far beyond anything I ever imagined we could achieve with medicinal marijuana.”

Di Grosso also explained how it was not even one of Sandler’s older movies like Happy Gilmore or The Wedding Singer, which he admitted can be “alright in small doses”, that made him laugh but instead one of his newer “pathetic movies” which are based on “typical formulaic, cross dressing, gross-out comedy that hasn’t been funny since the nineties”.

“I think it was called That’s My Boy or something along those lines, I only watched it because I was too stoned to change the channel,” continued the doctor. “My natural reaction to an Adam Sandler movie is to pull a really unsatisfied face, stare at it with utter disgust for a few minutes while shaking my head and tutting and then just turn it off safe in the knowledge that I’ve just saved myself from ninety minutes worth of cringing at the fact that a human being could actually stoop so low just to make a few dollars.”

“But this time was different. The medicinal marijuana seemed to make me much more accepting of the movie,” he explained. “I’d start to hate it only to lose my train of thought and totally forget what I was watching before I actually found myself enjoying it and thinking it was kind of funny,” he admitted. “I definitely laughed at least two maybe even three times, although I’m pretty sure one of the laughs was at how poor the dialogue was.”

“They weren’t big laughs, one was a guffaw, followed by two sniggers,” he added. “But that’s progress enough for now.”

Di Grosso has also indicated that he may further his research by watching a “Ben Stiller or even a Wayans Brothers’ movie” the next time he is medicating but fears that this could be a step too far suggesting that he “needs to learn to walk before learning to run”.

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Medicinal Marijuana Declared “Wonder Drug” After Making Adam Sandler Movie Seem Funny

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