North Korean DJ Joins Defected

In a heartwarming turn of events, a North Korean DJ has defected from his country of birth and joined up with Defected Records.

Hwan Nam Suk left his Pyongyang residency to join up with the Defected team, where he will join a list of international stars, such as Sam Divine and Sonny Fodera, and play at Defected parties all over the world.

Wunderground caught up with Defected’s supreme leader Simon Dunmore earlier today, “We’re delighted to have Hwan join up with the Defected crew. He’s a bit rough around the edges because up until now he’s only been able to use Kim Jong Un tracks, which don’t adhere to a four four beat or any of the other recognisable properties of dance music, during his set but we’re confident that, with a little bit of work, he’ll be appearing on our line ups before too long.”

According to sources, Hwan “shit a brick” the first time he seen a full Pioneer DJ rig having previously only ever used a hand driven gramophone to play his music.

“You should have seen his little face light up when he seen the CDJs,” revealed Defected resident Sam Divine. “It was so cute, like a little kid on Christmas morning. He didn’t have a fucking clue what they were but after about twenty minutes of messing around with them he was easily as familiar with their functions as David Guetta or Calvin Harris, this fella could be huge.”

“He’s been having a bit of a trouble trying to get used to music being stored on a USB,” continued Divine. “He broke three of mine open to try and find the records inside, he’s definitely on the vinyl’s side in the vinyl versus digital debate, although, up until now, he thought that a Sony Walkman he once caught a glimpse of in an American diplomat’s hand in the 90s was cutting edge technology so I’m sure that once he gets to grips with the modern world his opinion could be swayed.”

In related news, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has been named DJ Mag North Korea’s Number one DJ for the fifth consecutive year.

North Korean DJ Joins Defected

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