Peter Kay Vows To Rebuild Studio 338 As The Phoenix Club

TV funnyman Peter Kay has vowed to rebuild London’s recently destroyed Studio 338 nightclub and reinvent it as a real life version of The Phoenix Club which featured in his hit 2001 sitcom Phoenix Nights.

Studio 338 this week launched a Kickstarter campaign in an attempt to raise £100K to help with the process of rebuilding and reopening the club’s much revered terrace.

“This is a great opportunity to do something brilliant,” claimed Kay, in his hilarious Bolton accent, earlier on today. “It’s not often that something good can come about from something terrible happening, like Studio 338 burning down, but I’m a big believer in every cloud having a silver lining, it’s just a case of going out and finding it.”

“Once we raise enough money on the Kickstarter campaign we’re going to completely rebuild the club as an exact replica of The Phoenix Club. I’ve even spoke to TV’s own Roy Walker and he’s agreed to come down to that London for the grand opening,” continued the comedian. “I’ve not been out in that London much but I’d imagine having a genuine Phoenix Club will be the best thing to happen to the city’s nightlife since Lulu first started out on the circuit back in the sixties.”

“Obviously, as The Phoenix Club, there are going to have to be some significant changes made,” revealed Kay, best known for his long running homosexual relationship with six foot four shit heap Paddy McGuinness. “First off we’ll have to get rid of all that house and techno music. I’m not a fan of all that ‘boom boom’ nonsense. We’ll probably just get an iPod full of Mike and the Mechanics, Jimmy Nail and Barry Manilow tunes and a set of speakers behind the bar. That’ll do nicely.”

“We won’t be serving any of those fancy drinks, like whiskey or vodka, either,” confirmed Kay. “It’ll be nothing but ale from here on in at the bar. It’s a reliable, if not a tasty, drink and we’ll be serving it in both pint and half pint glasses, very la de da, although you wouldn’t expect anything less for a club in that London.”

This post is published by Wunderground in association with and in support of Studio 338 and their rebuild efforts. Studio 338 is an amazing club, and we at Wunderground would like to see it open for business as soon as possible, especially during this somewhat turbulent time for London clubs. If Studio 338 meant something to you, then please support them to get the doors back open as quickly as possible, they are offering really great family rewards and many happy memories in return.

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Peter Kay Vows To Rebuild Studio 338 As The Phoenix Club

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