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Pioneer Replace CDJ’s CD Drive With Swiveling Phone Mount For Taking Selfies

Pioneer Replace CDJ’s CD Drive With Swiveling Phone Mount For Taking Selfies

Pioneer have today announced that the brand new XDJ-1000 will come complete with a mobile phone holder, specifically designed to assist in the taking of selfies, in place of a CD drive.

News of Pioneer’s XDJ-1000 was leaked earlier this week and could spell the end for CDs in the clubbing industry as more and more DJs choose to store music on portable USB devices.

“Thanks to a number of music listening apps and websites CDs are quickly becoming obsolete,” claimed a spokesperson for Pioneer earlier. “We’re constantly trying to move with the times and keep our products relevant to popular culture so we decided to remove the CD drive from our CDJ 2000 nexus and replace it with a swiveling phone mount that will allow users to effortlessly take selfies while using our product.”

“The phone mount will have the ability to turn a full three hundred and sixty degrees and can be controlled from the jog wheels when selfie mode is activated,” continued the unnamed source. “This will allow DJs to take the perfect selfie of themselves either behind the decks or standing in front of the decks with the crowd in the background. You’ll also be able to see exactly what you’re shooting on the small built in digital display screen on the XDJ-1000.”

“Another brand new feature sees the XDJ-1000 come fully equipped with WiFi capabilities,” explained the Pioneer employee. “This will mean that if there are any issues with storage devices DJs will be able to access their music via Dropbox or cloud storage and also, more importantly, it will let DJs instantly upload their selfies to Instagram or Facebook allowing the world to see exactly how cool they are.”

EDM charlatan Afrojack is believed to have “pissed his pants with excitement” after discovering that Pioneer are to include the swiveling phone mount with the XDJ-1000.

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“I usually get really bored when I’m behind the decks, there’s only so much pointless knob twisting you can do during a pre-recorded set before you loose your passion for it,” claimed the Dutch DJ, “but now I’ll be able pass the time by taking hundreds of selfies and chatting with friends on Facebook.”

“I think the XDJ-1000s are probably the most complete set of decks yet.”

Pioneer have also announced plans for a XDJM-500 mixer, which will have all high, mid and low audio controls removed and replaced with a fully functional QWERTY keyboard, mouse pad and eight inch digital display screen, allowing users to surf the web during DJ sets.

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