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Police Now Using Sniffer Horses To Stop Ketamine Smugglers

British police officers have successfully introduced a team of sniffer horses to their drug task force in a bid to control ketamine smuggling.

The horses have already been responsible for a number of “significant busts” as the police and customs clamp down on the illicit ketamine trade.

Wunderground spoke to Sergeant Paul Oakes of the Metropolitan Police, “Ketamine is now one of the most profitable drugs in Britain, we estimate that the ket trade is worth upwards of two hundred million pounds a year so we really needed to step up our attempts to foil the criminal enterprises who are controlling it.”

“It’s a well known fact that sniffer dogs aren’t as effective at finding ketamine as they are at finding drugs like cocaine, heroin or cannabis,” continued the sergeant. “And when they do sniff it out they tend to turn into drooling messes, barely able to walk, bark or function in any way, due to their super sensitive sense of smell and the wobbly nature of ketamine.”

“So, we’ve managed to train a crack team of horses, who have an extremely high tolerance to ketamine, to help us in our bid to eradicate the illegal ket trade,” explained Oakes. “It’s working really well too, so far the horses have led operations yielding over over one and a half million pounds worth of ketamine.”

We also spoke to TwoForTheRoad, a retired racehorse now working for the Metropolitan Police, “It’s great, especially for guys like me, we don’t have many options once our time at the race course is up so it’s just lovely to feel like I have a purpose again and it’s great to be able to help with such a noble cause.”

“I’m a heavy ketamine user, but that’s alright because I’m a horse,” claimed the stallion. “I can smell it a mile away so I’m a great asset for the police and I’m also pretty fast which helps if any assailants try to escape. I get to keep a percentage of all the ket I find so it really is a great arrangement for everybody.”

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