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Recently Single Girl Floods Social Media With Semi Naked Photos

A girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend and flooded social media with semi naked photos in a bid to make him jealous has been rewarded with an army of pervert followers.

Known as a bit of a “party animal” who spends ninety eight percent of her life getting wild on nights out, Lydia Mac, from London, England, has “upped the ante” by wearing fewer clothes in her latest photos, in what is believed to be an attempt to show ex-boyfriend Dwayne “what he’s missing”.

“It’s so cringingly obvious what she’s up to, but I can’t stop looking,” laughed Facebook friend and fellow party girl Stephanie. “She loves a selfie, every weekend my Instagram is full up of her posing in nightclub toilets but recently she’s been so fucking extra slutty and it’s got to the point I’m turning a little bit lesbian.”

“I didn’t realise she had such a cracking body but now I do, because it’s on my timeline twenty four fucking seven. I might delete Facebook to ensure I remain straight.”

Wunderground spoke with Lydia’s Facebook friend, and known pervert, Bob Maycock, who seems to be making the most of the soft porn coverage, “Long may her heartbreak continue, it’s giving me loads of material for the wank-bank,” he laughed. “If her being unhappy means she’s going to keep posting all these provocative images I ain’t complaining. It gives me a break from watching Babestation for a while.”

“I feel bad that she’s upset” continued Bob. “However she’s trying a bit too hard to get her ex to take notice, with all these photos, weird quotes and cryptic status updates but mate, I’d still do her. All the while I’m seeing her on my timeline, wearing next to fuck all, I’m a happy boy. I hope more girls get dumped over Christmas as I’ve got a lot of free time to make use of, if you catch my drift.”

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