Richie Hawtin To Add “Extra Cowbell” Filter To PLAYdifferently Mixer

Richie Hawtin has announced plans to launch his PLAYdifferently Mk II mixer early next year.

The original mixer received mixed reviews upon its release earlier this year due to its technical capabilities and expensive price tag.

However, Hawtin is rumoured to have found the perfect balance with the latest version of the mixer after adding an “extra cow bell” filter and reducing the recommended retail price by over a thousand dollars.

Wunderground spoke to product tester Ian Jenkins, “He’s really cracked it with this mixer. I was a fan of the original but this really takes the biscuit. He’s stripped it back a bit, taken out some of the features that the average bedroom DJ wouldn’t have had a cle how to use and in doing so significantly reduced the price but keeping it as a proper top end product with a competitive price.”

“It’s also got the new extra cowbell filter,” continued Jenkins. “Which is really handy when you’ve got a track that’s lacking in cowbell. With other mixers you’d be left thinking ‘this need more cowbell’ but with this all you have to do is twist a knob and, bam, more cowbell. It’s innovative technology at it’s finest.”

According to reports, the one thing that all musicians, DJs and producers want more than anything is more cowbell, making Hawtin’s latest mixer the must have purchase of 2017.

“People have been after the elusive cowbell for centuries,” confirmed Hawtin earlier. “Even when you’ve got some cowbell it’s never quite enough. I actually don’t think it’s physically possible to naturally get enough cowbell but with this filter we’ve managed to reach satisfactory cowbell levels for the first time ever.”

“We were worried that the filter might give a bit too much cowbell but after cranking it up to the max we realised that you can never have too much cowbell, if anything we could have done with a little bit more.”

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