Shipment Of Princess Diana Memorial Ecstasy Hit Nation’s Nightclubs

Clubbers across the nation have been effusive in their praise of a batch of ecstasy that commemorate the late Diana, Princess of Wales, currently in circulation around the nation’s nightclubs.

The pills, which are said to be pure white and emblazoned with an imprint of Diana’s face, have been reported in all corners of the U.K. and Ireland both by police conducting seizures and by clubbers themselves, who claim they are “strong but with a gentle, beautiful comedown”, much like Diana herself.

“They started popping up in London some weeks ago, but since that time have spread to Bristol, Manchester and now Dublin,” claims pill report user Brian Mullin. “Everybody on pillreports is going on about how good they are and how it’s such a nice gesture for the late Princess who was such an inspiration to the dance music scene.”

We spoke to clubbers in Edinburgh who were open and honest in their praise of the batch of ecstasy claiming they “were top eccies”, a statement made even more poignant in the current climate of Scotland’s possible exit from Britain.

“She’s one of the big hitters of the U.K. clubbing scene,” claimed clubber and Diana fan, Luke Crosby. “When she first burst onto the scene in ’84, house music was still in its infancy. I still remember her residencies first in Windsor and then in Balmoral. They’re the stuff of dance music folklore, right up there with the Summer Of Love.”

A royal spokesperson has expressed approval for the pills claiming that Prince Harry bought two of the pills “necked one” and now keeps the other one in a satin lined box which rests on his nightstand. Further reports from Buckingham Palace indicate that even the Queen herself is delighted with how the nation’s clubbers have tastefully commemorated the fallen Princess.

“This is just an elegant and graceful way for us clubbers to show how much Diana meant to us as a subculture,” concluded Brian. “The pills cost that little bit extra but they are quite strong and they offer something that a lot of pills don’t, the opportunity to swallow a tablet etched with a likeness of the tragically lost Queen of Hearts. And that’s worth something.”


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Shipment Of Princess Diana Memorial Ecstasy Hit Nation’s Nightclubs

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