Teenagers Can’t Tell The Difference Between A Podcast And A Radio Show

According to the latest research, modern teenagers can not tell the difference between a podcast and a radio show.

In a pool of two hundred thirteen to sixteen year olds, only seven teenagers were able to differentiate between the two, while over one hundred had no concept of what a radio show actually is.

Ally Cairns, a fourteen year old from Birmingham, England, claimed that she didn’t like the podcasts her dad listened to in the car because they had “boring talking and ads” in them.

“My dad always listens to the worst podcasts in the car,” explained the teenager. “He has this really cool podcast machine in the dashboard, I’m not exactly sure how it works because the car definitely doesn’t have wifi, he must download them and put them on it from a USB stick or something.”

“Most of the podcasts I listen to are about one thing, like doing make up, the benefits of teenage pregnancy or something to do with school,” continued Cairns. “But the ones my dad listens too are about all sorts of different things and sometimes they even have the news on them. I hate the news, they never report any of the good stuff like which Kardashians has the fattest lips or which pop star Calvin Harris is dating.”

“Sometimes the podcasts get so boring that I beg my dad to turn them off,” revealed Ally. “Then he puts a big shiny circle thing into the front of the podcast machine and music comes on. I’m not sure what they are and everytime I ask my dad he just says ‘see these’ and won’t tell me what they are.”

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