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Ten Walls Claims He’s Lithuania’s Answer To Freddy Mercury

Ten Walls has responded to critics, who claim his debut album, Queen, is nothing more than a shameless marketing stunt engineered to save his career following his infamous homophobic rant in 2015, by insisting that he is Lithuania’s answer to Freddy Mercury.

Ten Walls, real name Marijus Adomaitis, has been frozen out of the electronic community for almost two years now and is believed to be “sick to his teeth” of playing gigs to “rooms full of skinheads in Russia”.

According to Walls’s publicist, Nojus Sakalauskas, his client know sees himself as a spokesperson for Lithuania’s LGBTQ community and believes that he can be as beneficial to them as Freddy Mercury was to the British community in the 1970s and 80s.

“Marijus has become really close with Lithuania’s LGBTQ community in the last couple of years,” explained Sakalauskas earlier. “He’s really had to suck up to them, not because he cares about them or is worried about what people in Lithuania think of the things he said, because he wants the international media to forgive him for being such an insufferable cunt.”

“He never meant to cause any offence to anyone,” continued the publicist. “These kind of remarks are totally normal in Lithuania and they could actually help your career not destroy it, they were never meant to go as far as they did. Now, he’s really sick of being overlooked in the industry and he is hoping that all of the desperate efforts he’s made to align himself with local LGBTQ community will eventually be noticed.”

“He’s always been a big Queen fan and has often compared himself to Freddie Mercury, even after he found out he was gay,” revealed Sakalauskas. “It actually came as quite a big shock to him, he always believed that homosexuals were completely talentless, unable to be creative and completely bereft of human emotion but now, since he got into trouble for sharing these opinions, he’s totally changed his mind. He’s even agreed to name his album Queen as a tribute to Mercury and one last attempt to get his career back on track.”

Experts are predicting that Walls’s album will divide opinion among music fans, with many believing he deserves a second chance, while others will say he should be left out to rot in the wilderness.

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