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“There Are No Literally No Words To Describe This” Types Girl Using Words To Describe This

“There Are No Literally No Words To Describe This” Types Girl Using Words To Describe This

A teenage girl today, in responding to a rather shocking video of violent upheaval in “one of them countries that usually don’t matter cause they never make films or music in English”, has seemingly run out of words, barring only the words required to express that she has run out of words.

It is believed that the girl, who was employing the popular internet practice of using unnecessary hyperbole and going straight for the most extreme expression of emotion possible, felt that in this case what she was seeing was so shocking that she couldn’t actually use words to describe it.

The girl posted the video of the non-specific click bait under the heading “there are no words” on her Facebook page and Twitter accounts where it was subsequently shared by numerous people also expressing disbelief at the contents of the video, mostly through a variety of shocked-face emoticons and heartfelt internet abbreviations.

Witnesses, including her Dad, “tssked loudly” at her unintentionally ironic heading and commented that a more accurate statement would have been “there are several, perhaps more than ten, words to describe my reaction to what I am seeing, because nothing that I come across on a random internet browse can possibly be so ineffable that it is literally indescribable using language.”

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“That was quite simply an exaggeration,” he added.

It’s not clear whether or not she was aware of the inherent irony in using words to state that there were no words, but it is believed that if and when she does become aware of the irony, she would probably feel that it was so “amazing” that “there are no words” and simply type “speechless.”

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