Tiësto Pre-Records “Fuck Up” In Ultra Set To Add Authenticity

Dutch trance charlatan Tiësto has reportedly used a pre-recorded “fuck up” in his pre-recorded set for this year’s Ultra festival to add authenticity to his status as a DJ.

Tiësto, who was the main headliner of the festival’s opening night, made the calculated mistake during his set before picking up the microphone and announcing to his fans and the global online audience, “So as you guys can hear, I never do a pre-mix. It’s all live.”

However, in a Wunderground exclusive, an anonymous source from within the Dutchman’s camp has rubbished Tiësto’s claim, indicating that every element of the set, including the “fuck up” in question, was pre-recorded months in advance.

“Of course the fuck up was pre-recorded,” claimed the source. “Almost everything at Ultra is pre-recorded, the only stage that DJs are actually mixing on is the Resistance Stage and that was a total disaster.”

“Tiësto hasn’t actually played a live set in about five years now,” continued the whistleblower. “He’s quite good at pretending to mix, it’s only when someone catches his eye and his natural social-awkwardness kicks in that he gets flustered and looks like he may actually be using pre-recorded mixes.”

“That was the thinking behind the pre-recorded fuck up,” continued the anonymous source. “There are a lot of people hanging around the DJ box at Ultra and he was a little worried that he’d end up standing with his hands in his pockets or something like that, so he slipped it into the mix so no matter how awkward his stage presence got, he’d still be able to fall back on the fuck up for authenticity.”

According to the source, Tiësto was not the only DJ to employ a pre-recorded “fuck up” at this year’s Ultra festival after Skrillex voluntarily included a Justin Beiber track in his set.

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Tiësto Pre-Records “Fuck Up” In Ultra Set To Add Authenticity

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