Woman Transforms Into Nicky Romero Using No Expensive Surgery

A Dutch woman has this week paid a whole seventh of a week’s wages on an intensive makeup session to complete a dramatic transformation that saw her turn into EDM DJ Nicky Romero.

The woman was able to carry out the change from androgynous looking woman to androgynous looking man simply by wearing more makeup and using a collagen rick cream on her ordinarily flat lips.

“I’ve always wanted to be one of those vaguely troubled people you see in Heat magazine having spent their life savings on looking like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga but unfortunately would never really have been able to afford all that surgery,” explained graphic designer Ange Kantou. “So I decided to pick someone who already looked enough like me who I could mimic cheaply by donning some makeup and standing next to DJing equipment.”

“Thankfully myself and my absolute EDM hero Nicky share a similar bone structure, particularly around the cheeks, and now after the grueling ten minutes of non-invasive makeup application I have the same thick full lips that Nicky has too,” continued Ange who claims she is delighted to finally look like Nicky because she wasn’t happy with how she looked before.

“I’m more confident, people comment on how much of resemblance I bear to him and girls have even given me their numbers,” she added excitedly. “It’s amazing, it’s like having all the perks of being Nicky Romero without having to hang out with David Guetta.”

Calling the alterations “not all that much different to how she normally looks” and “basically a quick slap-up job” friends of Ange’s are supportive of her trans statement.

“I’ve spent all the money that I would normally spend on ketamine to get this look so it’s a big commitment,” explained Ange. “If I was to undergo surgery yeah I’d probably get some ketamine for medical use but it’d still be well expensive.”

Now that the 40 year old woman looks so indistinguishable from Nicky Romero she has managed to secure work as a Nicky Romero lookalike, appearing at all the main EDM festivals, “I mostly just stand behind the desk and wave while Nicky play badminton backstage with the Guetta lookalike”.

“All I really did was apply some make up, spike my hair, add some piercing blue contacts and try to carry myself more mannishly, it was pretty simple,” she concluded. “But I feel like a new person.”

“I’m delighted to finally look like someone famous, I really feel like a somebody now.”

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Woman Transforms Into Nicky Romero Using No Expensive Surgery

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