“1 Sip” The Perfect Amount To Drink Out Of Each Beer At Afterparty

The latest research has confirmed that “one sip” is the perfect amount of beer to drink from each can or bottle at an afterparty.

According to the research, the best time to take the sip is straight after the beer is opened, ensuring it is still carbonated and cold for maximum enjoyment.

Carlos Berg, a local beer expert, claims that drinking anything more than one sip massively increases the risk of bloatedness, unexpected gas and vomiting.

“There are all sorts of dangers associated with over drinking at an afterparty,” Mr Berg told Wunderground earlier. “There are the very obvious medical hazards, then there’s also the chance that you’ll get too drunk and do something incredibly stupid, like piss your pants or talk to your ex.”

“That is why we have concluded that one sip from each beer, is the perfect amount to drink when you are at an afterparty,” continued Berg. “If you stick to that rule, you will never have to worry about any of these dangers, ever again. And what makes it even better is; you’ll always be drinking lovely ice cold, fresh beer.”

Jamie Dawson, an afterparty regular, claims that he has been operating under the one sip policy since an incident with a half-full can at an afterparty in 2017.

“I was at an afters in my friend’s apartment and I had been sipping on a can of Galahad for about six hours,” he explained. “I put it down on the coffee table and took my eye off it for one second and when I looked back it was lost in a sea of half drank cans.”

“They were all identical and, at best, room temperature. I had to make a choice so I reached for the can closest to me and went in for a sip,” recounted the young man. “I knew I’d fucked up straight away, there was a cigarette but in the can, I can still taste it in my mouth now just thinking about it. It was like kissing Dot Cotton after ten pints of cheap ale.”

“Ever since then, I take one sip, put the can down and move on. I haven’t had a bad experience since.”

Experts have warned that you should never take a sip from a can that you found at an afterparty, no matter how full or cold it may feel, as it will probably be disgusting and may contain, cigarette butts, coke boogers or spit.

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“1 Sip” The Perfect Amount To Drink Out Of Each Beer At Afterparty

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