5 Types Of Dancer You’ll See On An Ibiza Boat Party

It’s nearly time to set sail on Wunderground’s very first boat party of the season with the fine folk over at Float Your Boat Ibiza. We’ll be warming things up for the official Sundays at Space Opening Party, with Do Not Sleep residents Darius Syrossian and Bones tearing the boat a new arse hole, or stern hole or whatever the nautical term for it is. Unlike Float Your Boat’s Tuesday and Thursday boat parties this is not a sunset boat and we leave San Antonio tomorrow at 4pm sharp so make sure to get down early to avoid disappointment. You can buy your tickets here.

Here at Wunderground HQ we love a good boat party. They’ve got sun, sea, swimwear, tunes and alcohol. What’s not to like? Throw Ibiza into the mix and you’re guaranteed to have a few fantastic hours marauding the Mediterranean with a bunch of crazy coctail drinking party animals. One thing we really like about a good soiree on the sea is how they bring people from all different walks of life together, and with them come all the different types of dancing the world has to offer. So, to make sure you’re fully prepared for tomorrow’s antics we’ve put together a list of the 5 different types of dancer you’re guaranteed to see on an Ibiza boat party…

The Swayers


No Ibiza boat party would be complete without a couple of “too cool for school” kids swaying effortlessly to the music. The funny thing about these guys is that they’re not actually dancing at all, they’re standing perfectly still and letting the motion of the ocean do all of the work for them. They’re likely to be dressed head to toe in black, despite the blistering heat, and their nonchalant deadpan expression is most likely the result of a pretty large bump of ket they’ve just had in the toilets.

The Shufflers


These guys are everywhere. Wunderground has never pulled any punches when it comes to shufflers but if you can manage to successfully shuffle on a boat then we’ll happily give you a tip of our hat. Realistically, shuffling on a boat is pretty much impossible, making these snapback cap wearing limb flailers a fairly hilarious spectacle. The one thing we do like about shufflers is that, no matter how unsuitable the conditions are, they always make an effort to shuffle, and in doing so give everyone else on the boat something to point and laugh at.

The Fist Pumpers


The life and soul of every boat party. These guys don’t care about fancy dance moves or image, they just want to have a good time. They’ve most likely been up since the night before and suffered some degree of sunburn, but neither of these things will dampen their spirits. They’ll be right up the front the entire time and can often be heard screaming things like “Yeeerrooooo” or “Let’s ‘ave it” in the direction of the DJ.

The Drunk Messes


Every group of friends has one. This is the lad who had beer for breakfast, a liquid lunch and shots for dinner. Their dance moves are mostly a combination of balancing arm movement and drunken stumbles. They should be given a wide berth at all time as they’re notorious for drink spilling and more often than not their boat party will end with their head hung over the edge of the boat projectile vomiting into the crystal clear water.

The Wannabe Strippers


Give some girls a bikini, a couple of glasses of sangria and some music and they simply can’t help themselves from transforming from the girl next door into a Spearmint Rhino dancer. They’ll most likely be surrounded by a large group of lads, each flexing harder than the last in some sort of weird mating dance ritual. Expect to see some very risque dance moves including the “slut drop”, the “booty grind” and a weird drunken version of twerking.

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5 Types Of Dancer You’ll See On An Ibiza Boat Party

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