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Teletubbies’ Tinky Winky Admits Heroin Addiction

Teletubbies’ Tinky Winky Admits Heroin Addiction

Former Teletubbies star Tinky Winky has come clean about his battle with heroin addiction during an emotional interview on the popular day time TV show Loose Women.

Tinky Winky, real name Tinkothy Winkelmann, broke down in tears after admitting that he has spent the last fifteen years in and out of rehab due to the habit he picked up while appearing on the children’s’ show.

“Us Teletubbies were a bit of a wild bunch,” revealed Tinky in an incredibly high pitched voice. “Especially myself and Laa-Laa. The two of us were totally out of control, people used to think that I was a gay Teletubby because I carried a handbag but the truth is it was full to the brim with drugs. I honestly can’t even remember half the time I spent on set because I was completely off my face on smack.”

“There were days when the episodes made absolutely no sense because the two of us were goofing off so badly that we couldn’t remember our lines. Luckily enough the show was made for toddlers who weren’t really that interested in engaging story lines so we got away with it,” admitted Tinky. “By the time the show came to an end I’d lost so much weight that I was barely even a Teletubby anymore, my screen shrank down to about the size of an iPhone, that’s when the producers pulled the plug.”

“Laa-Laa managed to get himself clean shortly after the show got cancelled back in 2001, he works for the Bank of England now and has a couple of kids,” continued the purple Teletubby. “I wasn’t so lucky, I’ve spent the last fifteen years in and out of rehab clinics, living in homeless shelters and working as a prostitute to feed my habit. Thankfully I’ve been clean for the last three months but everyday’s a struggle.”

According to former costar Dipsy, Tinky Winky is lucky to be alive due to the amount of drugs he consumed during the years the show was running.

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“I’ve not seen Tinky Winky since our last day on set,” claimed Dipsy. “I’m surprised he’s still alive to be honest with you. You’d think the lad had some sort of death wish with the amount of of gear he was taking. Sure, we all loved a bit of a smoke now and again but he was shooting hundreds of pounds worth of smack into his arm everyday. We could have been huge if it wasn’t for all the drugs.”

Reports of Teletubbies reunion tour have been rubbished after Laa-Laa’s wife banned the former TV star from socialising with Tinky Winky, who she claimed was “a bad influence” on her husband.

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