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Artwork Succesfully Orders Pizza To Airplane At 36,000 Feet

Popular English DJ Artwork has once again defied logic by having a piping hot pizza delivered to an airplane at 36,000 feet.

Artwork sent the internet into overdrive earlier this year by having a pizza delivered to a moving train on a journey between Glasgow and Sheffield and has somehow managed to better that achievement with his latest stunt.

Wunderground spoke to the DJ earlier today, “I was on my way to play a gig out in Ibiza and I just didn’t have time to get anything to eat before I got on the flight. I was flying with Ryanair so there was no way I was going to eat any of the shit they serve and it actually turned out cheaper to have a pizza delivered to the moving airplane than it was to buy one of their ham and cheese paninis.”

“If you’d have asked me a couple of months ago if it would be possible to have a pizza delivered to a moving airplane I’d have told you to fuck off, but after the train incident I know that anything’s possible,” continued the DJ, “so I got on my Twitter and within an hour I was chowing down on a fresh anchovy, sweetcorn and jalapeno pizza.”

Artwork described the pizza delivery as “amazing, just like something off the telly” and claims that he is now confident of having anything delivered to any location at any time.

“I’m not going to stop at pizzas, I really want to see how far I can push this thing,” claimed Artwork, best known for his epic Art’s House parties. “I’m going to have a bloody mary delivered to a submarine next week and after that I’m going to try the most unlikely delivery of all time, a bag of weed, at half eight on a Sunday morning.”

According to reports, Artwork is set to sign a lucrative sponsorship deal that will see him become the new face of FedEX and may even consider quitting music for a career in the delivery industry.

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