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Afterparty Host Supplies Board Games For Everyone To Play While Waiting For Coke Dealers

Afterparty Host Supplies Board Games For Everyone To Play While Waiting For Coke Dealers

After a night out at the club, afterparty host Shannon Smith has revealed that her flat will be fully stocked with board games to entertain her guests while they wait for their coke dealers.

“I definitely don’t want a repeat of last time,” Smith told Wunderground. “By the time everyone arrived they had started to sober up and no one’s dealers were nearby. We just had to make conversation and try to enjoy each other’s company without drugs,” she revealed while shaking her head, “it was terrible.”

Smith showed us her vast assortment of diversions. “I decided to get a variety of activities to suit everyone’s needs. These have bright colors and a storyline that people who are still tripping will get really into,” she said showing some classic board games like Candyland and Monopoly. She then moved on to some decks of cards. “These are less involved, for people who will be stepping out every fifteen minutes to check on their dealer’s progress.”

She then moved on to her crowning achievement of the night: a large pinata. “This is for that moment when the drug dealer says they’re ‘practically outside’ even though they’re still thirty minutes away. Usually when the coke does finally arrive everyone is furious, and snort lines that just make them angrier. Well, before anyone has time to get impatient I’ll break out this pinata. They can take out their frustrations bashing this thing apart, and it’s full of gum, lollipops, and cigarettes so no one has to run to the store later!” smirking she congratulated herself, “pretty ingenious, isn’t it?”

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Smith later reported that her party was a wild success and that the games weren’t completely forgotten when the drugs arrived. “We ended up playing monopoly for eight hours! I finally won when my mate traded me Boardwalk for my last gram.”

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