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Beatmatching To Be Considered For 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The forgotten art of beatmatching is set to be considered by the Olympic Council in a bid to have it included in the 2020 games, held in Tokyo, Japan.

According to Japan’s Sports Minister, Aiko Matsumoto, the rapid global growth of DJ numbers means that the inclusion of a “DJ related sport” would boost the “Olympic brand” and help to modernise the games.

“We want Tokyo’s Olympic Games to be the precedent for all future games,” explained Mr Matsumoto earlier. “We feel, as a nation on the forefront of the technological revolution, that it is our responsibility to help move the world into a new era and there is no better way to showcase this than to host the greatest Olympic Games the world has ever seen.”

“In order to appeal to the Millennial generation we have decided to put a number of new, less physically demanding, technology based events forward for consideration for the games,” continued the Sports Minister, who represented his hometown in 1991 Annual Japanese Super Mario Championships. “Competitive beatmatching is just one of a number of potential events that will help open the Olympics to the next generation and bring the games into the modern era.”

“There will be four different disciplines in the beatmatching event, they will be two deck vinyl, three deck vinyl, two deck digital and three deck digital,” revealed Mr Matsumoto. “This will also be a mixed event where men and women will compete side by side, making it all the more attractive as a truly modern event, free from the burdens of sexism and technophobia.”

Reports from Japan indicate that, at the time of going to print, a shadow of doubt had been cast over the inclusion of beatmatching in the Olympic Games after it was revealed that every single DJ in the world ever has, at some point, used performance enhancing drugs.

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