Bedroom DJ’s Dad “Had It Up To Here With That Racket”

A bedroom DJ’s dad has reportedly “had it up to here with that racket” and is currently considering a “house wide ban” on DJing.

Dan Smyth, who bought his teenage daughter a set of decks after encouraging her to get involved with music last year, is now believed to be at his limit and ready to throw his child’s decks out the window.

“It’s just constant noise, all day, every day,” Smith explained earlier. “All I hear is ‘boom, boom, boom’ and my head just can’t take it anymore. I’ve literally had it up to here with this racket! I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought those decks, they don’t tell you about the constant banging when you’re in the shop buying them.”

“I know it’s my own fault for trying to get my daughter into music,” continued the frustrated father. “But I wasn’t expecting a set of decks, I was hoping for a guitar, a recorder or, better yet, a triangle, something that’s sound won’t penetrate a closed bedroom door but you can hear those decks everywhere in the house. I can even hear them in my shed. What have I done?”

According to Louise Smyth, her father is a “total dweeb” who doesn’t understand the “complexities and beauty of industrial techno and gabber”.

“My dad is such a dork,” she told Wunderground earlier. “If I was playing a bit of Mozart or Garth Brooks really loud on the decks he wouldn’t care but it’s just because he doesn’t understand my music that he doesn’t like it.”

“He says thing like ‘it’s just noise’ and ‘anyone could make that racket’ but he’s just an old fuddy-duddy,” continued the teenage DJ. “Every time he moans at me I remind him he bought the decks and turn the music up louder, I’m practically always redlining, just to annoy him even more.”

At the time of going to press, it was reported that Mr Smyth and his daughter had reached an agreement that would allow her to unrestricted use of her decks during designated times as long as she agreed not to encourage her younger brothers and sisters to become DJs too.

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Bedroom DJ’s Dad “Had It Up To Here With That Racket”

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