Girl Who Made Boyfriend Choose Between Going Out And Her Changes Facebook Status To Single

A girl who made her party-loving boyfriend choose between going out and her, has reportedly just changed her Facebook relationship status to “single”.

Amanda Bremner, a thirty-year-old IT worker from Glasgow, Scotland, claims that she thought an ultimatum was the only way to control her ex-boyfriend’s party lifestyle. However, her tactic now seems to have backfired on her.

“When I told him he had to choose between going out and me, I never actually thought that he’d choose going out,” Amanda claimed earlier. “I wasn’t even suggesting that he had to give up going out altogether, that might be what I said but it wasn’t what I meant and he should have known that.”

“I always used to say things that I didn’t mean and try to send him secret messages encrypted in the things that I was saying, which I did mean, but he was always too stupid and un-telepathic to pick up on them,” continued Amanda. “Then, we’d end up arguing about the things I said but didn’t mean and the things I didn’t say would stay unsaid.”

“It always ended up with him going out and me sitting in crying, we just couldn’t go on like that so I made the ultimatum and, here I am, moved back in with my mum and a relationship status that says ‘single’ on Facebook.”

Ms Bremner’s ex-boyfriend, Ian Wilson, claims the choice between his relationship and going out was a “no bainer” and believes he has had the weight of the world lifted of his shoulders.

“Don’t get me wrong, Amanda’s a lovely girl but she just wasn’t right for me,” he told us. “When we first started going out, she would always come out with me but in the last few months, she’s got dead boring. I’m like a cross between an old dog and leopard, my spots won’t be changing and I’m not learning any new tricks. It’s probably for the best that we’ve split up.”

According to reports, Mr Wilson has been out every night since breaking up with Amanda, with sources close to the man unsure whether he is drowning his sorrows or celebrating.

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Girl Who Made Boyfriend Choose Between Going Out And Her Changes Facebook Status To Single

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