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Best New Music: Be Sure To RSVP The Black Light Dinner Party

Best New Music: Be Sure To RSVP The Black Light Dinner Party

Quite simply bowled over by these guys! And that’s after only hearing three songs! Their infectious and professionally crafted synth-pop is given a flavour of the bittersweet when you take into account the story behind the album’s production.

Having been mostly pursuing separate projects of an experimental/glitchy nature the band came upon the idea of creating a pop record for the enjoyment of band member Jack Côté‘s mother, who had tragically been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“So we decided to do a project that was maybe a little less out there, and more accessible for people, like my mom,” he told Interview magazine. “That’s when we started working on tracks and writing songs. Then my mom died. When people really started liking it, it was all bittersweet. It was a little sad, but people really loved it. It was originally meant for other people to enjoy, for my mom to be proud of her son.”

And she should be very proud indeed of the catchy, profound and wide-eyed pop that her son has made. Check out their Soundcloud here to whet your appetite before the album comes out in May…

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Also, here’s the frankly mind-meltingly good video for the first single ‘We Are Golden‘..

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