Bloke Who Added Kick Drum To Classic Disco Track Thinks He’s A Producer

An Irish bloke who added a shitty sounding kick drum sample to a classic disco track now believes he is a fully fledged music producer.

Ian O’Sullivan, who “produces” music under the alias Sull-veneer, added the kick drum sample to Van McCoy’s timeless classic The Hustle and renamed his “original production” Huster ‘18.

“This is my first real track,” claimed O’sullivan earlier. “I’ve made a few bootlegs and edits before but Hustler ‘18 is the first track I’ve produced from scratch. I got the inspiration when I heard a kick drum in a sample pack I downloaded from Zippyshare.”

“As soon as I heard the kick drum I could hear the entire song in my head,” continued the producer. “The Hustle was actually playing on the radio at the exact same time which is probably where I got the idea to make the track. I knew I had to get it down straight away so I got the laptop out and started work on it there and then.”

“Fifteen minutes later and it was finished,” revealed O’Sullivan. “I don’t want to be yanking my own chain or getting my hopes up, but, this track is definitely going to get me my big break and probably make me my first million too. What an absolute banger!”

According to Mick Keegan, a friend of Sullivan’s, the track is “pretty shit” and has no chance of being played, by anyone.

The Hustle is an absolute tune,” Keegan told us. “Hustler ‘18 is a crock of shit. I don’t know how he’s managed to make something that sounded so good sound like absolute dirt, but he has. If he even tries to release that he’ll be laughed at, it’ll serve him right too, trying to claim he made it when all he did was add a bogey kick drum to a classic. What a fool.”

According to experts, adding kick drums to an already existing tracks does not make you a producer, it means your lazy and need to up your game.

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Bloke Who Added Kick Drum To Classic Disco Track Thinks He’s A Producer

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