Man’s Tinder Matches Up 1000% After Uploading Pic With Puppy

A man’s Tinder matches have increased by almost 1000% after he uploaded a picture of himself holding a cute little puppy.

Steven Jones, a twenty-eight-year-old “pussy hound” from Cardiff, Wales, claims he doesn’t even like dogs but is now considering getting one after seeing the effect the puppy picture had on his Tinder profile.

“I’m not a dog man at all,” Jones told Wunderground this afternoon. “I’m a pussy man, you get me? I got a lend of that puppy off my neighbour just to get a couple of pictures for the old Tinder profile. I needed to freshen it up, I reckon I’ve probably swiped right for every fit bird in Cardiff at this stage so a few new pics to spice things up a little was definitely called for.”

“I’m shocked it’s worked so well,” continued Jones. “I don’t know why people like these hairballs so much. The little bastard kept licking my face while we I was trying to take the photo, I almost puked my breakfast up. Fuck knows where that tongue has been, the last thing I want is that anywhere near my mouth. It’s almost as dirty as some of the Tinder dates I’ve been on.”

“I borrowed my cousin’s baby too and got a few absolute belter photos,” he said with a smile. “My phone hasn’t stopped buzzing since. I’m seeing more action than a Second World War paratrooper at the minute, it’s fucking brilliant.”

According to Natalie, who recently matched with Mr Jones, her new potential love interest looks “dead sensitive” in his profile pictures.

“Most blokes are only after one thing on Tinder,” she told us. “But this Steven fella looks different. You can tell he’s nice in his pictures, the kind of bloke you’d be happy to bring home to meet your mother.”

According to friends of Mr Jones, their mate would also be happy to meet Natalie’s mother, although, he’d probably try to shag her too.

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Man’s Tinder Matches Up 1000% After Uploading Pic With Puppy

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