Brian Harvey Advised Not To Take Kiki Challenge

Former East 17 singer Brian Harvey has been strongly advised against taking the Kiki challenge by a number of his closest friends.

Harvey, who was seriously injured after running over himself in his Mercedes in 2005, is believed to be keen to take the challenge to prove that he is a better driver than he was thirteen years ago.

However, a number of Harvey’s friends are believed to have confiscated the singer’s car keys in an attempt to stop him from taking the Kiki challenge, which sees takers step out of a moving car to dance to Drake’s song, In My Feelings, like absolute bellends.

“Brian is mad to give this Kiki challenge a go,” claimed former East 17 member Tony Mortimer. “He hasn’t exactly got the best record when it comes to moving cars so there’s no way he should even be thinking about it. He may as well be playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun, there’s no way this would work out OK.”

“Plus, he’s still eating up to fifteen baked potatoes a day,” continued Mortimer. “If he tries to jump out of a moving car and pull off some fancy dance moves with a belly full of spud, there’s only one place he’s going, straight under those wheels.”

Wunderground also spoke to Harvey, “I’m sick of people telling me what I can and can’t do,” he shouted. “It’s been happening to me my whole life and I’m fucking sick of it, if I want to jump out of a moving car, again, and do a little dance, then I’m going to do it, no matter what anyone says.”

When asked about his potato addiction, Harvey claimed he was “just chipping” and could quit at any time.

“I’m one-quarter Irish so I obviously like a few spuds every now and again,” he claimed defensively. “I have it totally under control and if I am to do the Kiki challenge I won’t be doing it after eating potatoes. I learned my lesson the last time, never operate heavy machinery while on spuds, simple. I’m not fucking stupid, anymore.”

If you feel the need to take part in the Kiki challenge, Wunderground advises you to find the biggest hole you can and fucking jump in it.

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Brian Harvey Advised Not To Take Kiki Challenge

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